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Nick Jonas to reschedule concerts in Mexico due to suffering from Influenza! Tue May 07th, 2024
Nick Jonas to reschedule concerts in Mexico due to suffering from Influenza!
The Jonas brothers have an extremely busy tour scheduled that includes stops in Ireland, the UK, Austria, Paris, Amsterdam, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland, in addition to the postponed gigs in Mexico.
Imagine this: the stage is ready, the crowd is excited, but the spotlight disappears from famed singer Nick Jonas, who has some bad news to announce. He announced on Instagram that he had been given an influenza A diagnosis, a virus that attacks the respiratory system.
It's not your typical flu; this is a nasty case that is also interfering with his vocals. And as a result, he is unable to participate in several upcoming performances.
In an Instagram video, Nick Jonas shared candid details regarding his health issues. He told, “I have some not-so-fun news to share. A couple of days ago, I started feeling kind of rough; I lost my voice when I woke up and grinded that night out… Over the last two and a half days, it’s gotten progressively worse.” Nick reported feeling feverish, with aches all over his body, a sore throat, and a nasty cough.
His condition did not improve despite receiving medical attention, so they had to postpone his two forthcoming appearances. Nick did, however, reassure his supporters that the postponed performances would take place in August. The new date for these performances is August.


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