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Hollywood star Taylor Swift reacts to viral video! Mon July 03rd, 2023
Hollywood star Taylor Swift reacts to viral video!
The stage door malfunctioned during Taylor Swift's Eras Tour performance in Cincinnati on Friday, causing an uncomfortable situation. Swift is seen waiting for the platform intended to drop her backstage in a popular TikTok video that covers the entire stage failure scene. But as the seconds passed, the singer dashed off stage in a stunning one-legged bodysuit and high boots.  
Social media fans praised the TikTok video of Taylor Swift attempting to keep to schedule throughout her performance. The singer of Anti-Hero has now responded to this popular video clip.
The viral Taylor Swift video's comment section was flooded with compliments for the singer's prompt response to the circumstance. Anti-Hero's commitment to provide the best performance pleased the audience. One user wrote, “This woman just slays on every level. I would've fallen so hard on my face if I tried to run in those heels.” Another joked, “getting swift af boi tattooed on my wing.”
The singer of Anti-Hero offered her own comments on the clip and jokingly wrote, “still swift af boi.”
According to a media report, Taylor Swift was planning to rapidly leave the stage through a covert door on the floor, but it malfunctioned and wouldn't open. As soon as she was aware of the issue, she rushed for the backstage exit utilised by her backup dancers.


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