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Vicky Kaushal reveals about Katrina Kaif's weekly meeting with the household staff! Wed June 07th, 2023
Vicky Kaushal reveals about Katrina Kaif's weekly meeting with the household staff!
In Bollywood, one of the most adored and desirable couples is Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif. These two consistently establish goals for their relationship and frequently grab attention for how devoted and considerate they are to one another. Alongside Sara Ali Khan, the actor was actively promoting their recently released movie Zara Hatke Zara Bachke. Vicky revealed details of Katrina Kaif's weekly meetings with News Tak during one of the interviews she gave to promote the movie.
Vicky Kaushal shared information about his home, including the fact that Katrina Kaif meets with the household staff to discuss spending. The Masaan actor claimed that his wife Katrina Kaif's weekly or biweekly meetings held in the home are the most enjoyable experience. “She gets the entire staff together and discusses the budget of the house. She takes account of how the money is being spent, the expenses and it’s a great thing. But when that discussion happens, I enjoy it. I’m an audience and I sit with popcorn,” he further added.
Vicky Kaushal also claimed that, when compared to Katrina Kaif, he prefers to save more, but that, when they go shopping, the role of the frugal shopper alternates between the two of them. He shared, “It depends on what we are buying and who is more interested in that. If we are buying something that I am more interested in, then she says that we should stick to the budget. If it is something she is interested in, then I say ‘why so much…’ and then she says, ‘No no, I am fond of this’.”


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