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Mukesh Khanna to reveals details about the Shaktimaan movie! Tue June 06th, 2023
Mukesh Khanna to reveals details about the Shaktimaan movie!
The level of excitement among all the fans has reached its height ever since it was officially confirmed that Shaktimaan, India's own superhero, will be making a comeback to the big screen. One of the most well-liked shows in the 1990s featured Mukesh Khanna as the star, and fans still talk about this superhero today. A superstar from India will star in the big-screen adaptation of Shaktimaan, Sony Pictures said last year. The movie will recapture the mystique of the legendary superhero. Now, the OG Shaktimaan has disclosed specific information about the movie in a recent interview.
There hasn't been an official statement of the development since Sony Pictures made an official announcement about Shaktimaan's return to the big screen. There have been numerous rumours that Ranveer Singh will play the lead role, with Basil Joseph, who directed Minnal Murali, serving as the film's director. However, there has been no official confirmation as of yet. Now, in a recent interview with the OG Shaktimaan, Mukesh Khanna on his channel Bheeshm indicated that the movie is certainly happening and that it is being mounted on an international scale. He further revealed that everything regarding the movie is being carefully looked into. “Contract has been signed. Ye bohot bade level ki film hai. One film would cost Rs 200-300 crore and it will be made by Sony Pictures, the one who made Spider-Man. But it kept getting delayed, first there was the pandemic, I had announced it on my channel too that the film is happening, but…”
The fact that this is not going to be a small movie and that a lot is occurring but that Mukesh Khanna is not authorised to discuss it was also disclosed. addressing a number of fan questions, such as: Will he be Shaktimaan? Or who will take on the lead role? Without him, Shaktimaan would not exist, the renowned actor said, adding that he cannot say more than that he would be in the movie. “What I can say is I am not supposed to do any appearance in Shaktimaan’s get-up now. I have to stop because they don’t want any comparison. But the film is coming, very soon there will be a final announcement, where you will know who will be in it, who will direct it. It is being made on an international level, as it deserves to be,” he further added.


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