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Anurag Kashyap reviews Kiran Rao's recent movie Laapataa Ladies! Fri March 08th, 2024
Anurag Kashyap reviews Kiran Rao's recent movie Laapataa Ladies!
Laapataa Ladies, directed by Kiran Rao and financed by Aamir Khan, debuted in theatres earlier this month to great reviews. The story, which revolved around the lost brides, received a lot of positive reviews for its plot, acting, and humour. The well-known director Anurag Kashyap joined the chorus of praise, praising the movie and the committed work of the cast and crew. In a touching statement, Kashyap described what he saw and said that he "cried like a baby."
Recently, Anurag Kashyap posted a poster for the film Laapataa Ladies on Instagram. He also wrote a moving film review to go with it. Kashyap began by expressing his admiration for Kiran Rao's directing skills, saying, "What a sincere, funny, beautiful film @raodyness has made."
He said, “She says so much with so much subtlety, but more than that, watching such a soulful film, an incredible love story, beautiful storytelling with truth bombs dropping with such humor every ten minutes. I cried like a baby. I took my driver, Narayan Ji, who is from Bihar and he was like, ‘gaanv ki yaad aa gayi.’”
Kashyap lavished praise on the actors and the entire crew in his evaluation, saying, “The truth in the eyes of the actors who I have never seen before, all fresh faces with a lifetime performance from @ravikishann, the production design, the cinematography, and then the writing by @snehadesaiofficial and team. Reminded me of the honesty, sensitivity, and empathy of people in the India I grew up that now seems gone. And it is as funny and emotional as it is sincere. I can only just go on gushing about it. Kudos to the filmmaker, the team.”
Thinking back on his time in the theater, Kashyap said, “Saw it in a packed house and luckily we book the best seats in the house in advance. It was pure bliss. The boy who plays Deepak and the Phool and then Pushpa raani and Daadi and Dubey ji, everyone just got to my gut.”
Kashyap urged his fans not to miss the cinematic masterpiece, saying, “Don’t miss this film, it’s unforgettable. The music. Aah .. made my day, after watching two back to back brilliant Malayalam films (Manjummel boys and Bramayugam) and feeling why are we not doing it in Hindi cinema and then saw that Kiran actually has gone and done it, like @vidushak did with AIR.”
Ultimately, Kashyap said, “It has been a great beginning of 2024 for cinema in India for me . Thank you. Unmissable. Absolutely a Nirmal film set in Nirmal Pradesh ..”


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